GPS and Safety Systems

Offering Sales and Installation Services For All Major Manufacturers Hardwired or Diagnostics Based GPS Systems. Tracking, Navigation, Theft recovery and More.

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Tracking and Safety Sytems

GPS Tracking

Employee safety, and asset management solutions to help businesses lower operation costs, increase productivity, and enhance customer service. We have extensive experience in deploying a comprehensive and fully integrated GPS tracking solution—GPS Fleet Management, Driver Safety, Scheduling & Dispatch on assets such as a GutterVac trailer to the Manitowoc Lattice Boom Crawler.


Many industries are adopting GPS positioning solutions to transform their businesses through increased productivity and a greater return on their investment. We have a deep understanding of the markets it serves that enables the development of unique offerings to diverse industries such as construction, agriculture, transportation and field services. Proven experience across an array of markets allows Cross Communication to integrate technology and ideas from one industry to another, bringing a unique perspective to customers.

Collision Avoidance

Mobile Installation Services, Fleet Upgrade/Deployments, Electrical Upfitter, Professional consulting

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Camera Installation Services

In-Vehicle Camera

An in-vehicle camera, dashcam, or car digital video recorder is an onboard camera that continuously records the view through a vehicle's front windscreen and sometimes rear or other windows. Some cameras have the ability to record the interior of the vehicle in 360 degrees usually in a ball form and can automatically send pictures and video through wireless networks. Other systems have a driver facing camera to detect the eye position of the driver to alert on distracted driving. Cross Communication has installed over 20 brands of these solutions in 100s of vehicle types.

Driver Monitoring

Improve worker safety by tracking how your vehicles are driven, helping reduce the overall risk to both drivers and vehicles. Driver monitoring solution helps you reduce speeding violations, accidents, distracted driving and hard breaking events. Safe driving behaviors result in lower insurance costs, fewer maintenance fees and repair bills and a smaller number of legal issues. Managers can monitor and compare driving behavior over time, such as severity of turns, using a cell phone, and drowsiness/fatigue.

Backup Systems

A backup system is a particular type of video camera that is specifically designed for the purpose of being attached to the rear of a vehicle to aid in backing up, and to alleviate the rear blind spot. Its purpose is to help avoid a backup collision. Backup cameras are usually connected to a head unit display inside the vehicle. Cross Communication knows how to install these cameras to maximize the sight line of the camera and minimize potential damage that can come from typical use of the vehicle.

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