Unmatched Vehicle Installation Services

Our goal is to sell and install aftermarket automotive electrical upgrades, mainly driver safety systems such as collision avoidance systems, video and event recording, heads up display (navigation and vehicle speed), parking sensors and blind spot sensors, GPS tracking, LED headlight upgrades, backup cameras, anti-theft and vehicle recovery devices

Our Services

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GPS and Safety Systems

GPS Tracking Systems, Dash Cams, In-Vehicle Video Cameras and Driver Monitoring, Custom Backup Cam Systems, 360 View Systems.

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Technology Deployment

Mobile Installation Services, Fleet Upgrade/Deployments, Electrical Upfitter, Professional Consulting.

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Vehicle Lighting Systems

LED upgrades, Off-Road lighting, Accent Lighting, Light Bars, Reverse Light Upgrades, Under-glow, Custom Jeep Kits.

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Who We Are

  • Cross Communication provides high-quality installation services for companies at an affordable price while maintaining exceptional customer experience.

  • We are the most reliable and best-trained vehicle electronics and GPS system installers in the country with over 100,000 assets professionally installed. 

  • From timely installations, service follow-ups, or custom engineered solutions, we are your go-to guys. 

How We Communicate

Local Service Map

We primarily provide local service in the greater Atlanta metro area. We often complete installations and deployments outside of this area.

Contact us anytime to schedule an appointment, get a custom quote, or ask questions. We are here to help.

Note: For installations outside of this area, please contact us for rates and availability.